About Us

SecureDome eReferral has some great benefits for your division or health agency.

SecureDome eReferral:

  • Adheres to the Australian Government-defined data security best practices. This means that your providers will be meeting their obligations in regards to the privacy and security of patient information.

  • Ensures your providers are meeting the minimum data requirements for a specific health program and for individual referrals.

  • Saves time for medical staff by eliminating faxing and paper records, and ensuring all records are stored in one place for quicker access.

  • Provides a secure, central repository for the storage and management of all data related to individual providers and their referred patients. This means Project Managers can focus on health program outcomes rather than collating data.

  • Enforces user compliance with Federal Government health programs eg minimum data requirements.

  • Allows your health programs to be adjusted on the fly with advanced real-time reporting functionality.

  • Provides reporting at the provider and divisional level, thus allowing you to meet your health program reporting requirements.

  • Can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere in the world via the Internet.