About Us


SecureDome eReferral is one of the most secure patient referral systems on the market. By using SecureDome eReferral you can be assured that your health service providers are meeting their obligations under the Australian Government’s Electronic Transactions Act 1999, for the secure transmission of electronic data. This is because SecureDome adheres to the government-defined security technology best practices.

To find out more about the security technologies we use – encryption and authentication - please read the FAQ.


How does SecureDome eReferral work?

Users access SecureDome eReferral via the website.

Three types of users have access to SecureDome eReferral:

  • ‘Administrator’ - usually a Project Manager from your Division of General Practice or at the health agency.

  • ‘GP’ - general practitioner.

  • ‘Specialist’ - provides consultant medical services.


It is worth noting that the user roles in SecureDome eReferral can be customised to your needs, for example a nurse or other health worker could fulfil the user role of ‘Specialist’.

The first time they access the site, each user fills out the SecureDome eReferral registration form. A user with Administrator access to SecureDome eReferral then approves the user registration form. Once approved, the user can access and start using the system.



The features available in SecureDome eReferral are set according to the type of user accessing the service.

Administrator features:

  • Approve user access to the system.

  • Put a cap or limit on the number of referrals for users.

  • View individual referrals (personal information is de-identified)

  • View the activity for each provider (GP or Specialist).

Generate up to 25 different reports – each available in a number of different formats (including graphical).


GP features:

  • Generate referrals.

  • Access all referrals in one place.

  • View referral history and the status of each referral.

  • View patient progress.

  • Access a database of specialists by area of expertise.


Specialist features:

  • Stores all referrals in one place.

  • Add patient case notes and share these with the referring GP.

Add areas of expertise so that GPs can refer the correct patients.